Time & Attendance

Time & Attendance

PayNet Time & Attendance provides your company with the ability to better manage your workforce via leading edge internet-based tools.

Our time and attendance solution eliminates manual time tracking, but that’s only the beginning. PayNet Time & Attendance provides HR functionality including leave requests, an accrual policy rules engine, rate calculations, payroll audit trails, ad-hoc reporting, and tiered security access. It is everything you need to accurately manage a growing workforce.

  • Easy deployment
  • Low cost
  • Reduce labor costs up to 5%.
  • Reduce payroll preparation time by 80%

Stop Paying for Nonproductive Times

During your average workweek, about 4% of all full-time workers are absent from their job because of injury, illness, or a variety of other reasons. The absences often go unrecorded and are time consuming for supervisors and managers to handle. By properly accounting for productive time, TimeVantage saves money while encouraging approved attendance.

Get Overtime Costs Under Control

TimeVantage assures that your company’s normal working hours are fully utilized, reducing the need for expensive overtime. TimeVantage eliminates payment of unapproved or fraudulent overtime and reduces employee payroll grievances through consistent application of company, union, and government overtime rules.

Reduce Expensive Payroll Errors

Most time recording processes are paper based or built around obsolete technology that doesn’t consider complex business rules. The resulting hidden costs of payroll calculation errors, unauthorized overtime, and employee payroll grievances can often add up to 15% of a company’s annual payroll.

Reduce Capital IT Expenditures

No need to build and support an extensive infrastructure with expensive IT support. Whether they are business unit oriented, geographically dispersed, or centralized; corporations can rapidly set up their entire workforce with TimeVantage.