PayrollNetwork is a full service payroll processing bureau providing payroll, certified payroll, tax filings, 401K administration, human resource assistance, and workman’s compensation. Established in 2004 in Louisville, KY the PayrollNetwork name, and its award winning team, has become synonymous with integrity and value. Whether providing service to small businesses with just a handful of employees, or tackling national accounts with over 1,000 employees, our philosophy has been to recognize the individual needs in order to attain a collective satisfaction. Put simply; we recognize every client is unique, and a single approach does not work for every business. To that end, we seek to provide client care in addition to client service. It is this approach that has gained us an outstanding reputation in our community and nationwide.

Additionally, we feel that it is our responsibility to educate our clients. We strongly believe that business owners need to be able to track and account for all expenditures. Teaching them to understand the reports that we provide will assist them in planning, controlling, and managing the day-to-day operations and resources of their company. We are adamant in our desire for our clients to understand every facet of their company. While payroll is a major component of operating a business with multiple employees, we provide the next level of service beyond simple check writing. It is because of this dedication to excellence and mutual growth that PayrollNetwork clients enhance their self-sufficiency and wealth-building opportunities.

PayrollNetwork’s unique appeal lies in its simplicity. We take a comprehensive approach to serving our clients, and we pride ourselves on making things easier for them. One of the most important services we provide is power. We provide the education, service, and accountability our clients need to operate knowledgably and successfully.

Your team at PayrollNetwork removes the hassles associated with payroll processing. We handle it all; from printing checks and delivery right to your doorstep, to submitting all tax liabilities and filing your returns! Our desire is to assist your business in achieving the ultimate success by improving processes and saving you time and money.

Relax. Let us do it all.